About Us


This site is about intimacy. We are a fun loving couple in our 60s that met on Ourtime.com, an online dating site for mature adults. Intimacy isn’t just about sex although it’s an important part of a tender and loving relationship. We started our journey by being brutally honest with each other with an openness to become best friends before we even met in real life. We did this through hours of chatting online on a daily basis. It was a major investment of time but by the time we met in person there wasn’t the usual awkwardness and we fell into easy conversation just as we had in the chat room.

We discovered that we are both horn dogs. Beyond affection, touching and cuddling, we love to make love just about every day. This keeps us young and healthy and very very happy. If you aren’t a horn dog then learn to become one with your mate. It’s an exciting way to live, creating your own little world, a love bubble where two people share a deep and lasting bond with each other.

We realize that such closeness requires letting down your guard but we are living proof that it is very worthwhile to just let all your hopes, dreams and fears be known to your mate. Really let them know you, everything about you and if they respond in kind then nothing else in the world matters. This is true love.

We built this site as an informational resource to share our experiences and observations over the last 60 years in the hope that other couples may find true happiness and the joy of a shared life in and out of the bedroom.