Extremely Happy

How do you become extremely happy? By having your needs met. Notice I didn’t say “wants” but NEEDS. The basic human need is love…and lots of it. You’ve heard the basic cliche that “love conquers all” and it’s true. Once you have true love in your life then life’s challenges become insignificant in comparison. In a relationship, love has many components and all of them are important.


Do you really love spending time together? Are you best friends that can discuss a wide range of subjects no matter how personal? No one likes to live alone. Living alone is tolerable but not ideal because we were meant to live in pairs just like the majority of the animal kingdom. Don’t fool yourself into believing that being alone without having to make compromises is an ideal way to live unless you’re an unlovable asshole. If that is the case we applaud you for not dragging someone else into your life and making them miserable.


Have lots of it. You don’t have to have an orgasm or two or three to really enjoy the intimacy of having your naked body pressed against your lover’s skin. Cuddling can often lead to intercourse but if it doesn’t then so be it. Hold each other and fall asleep, wrapping each other up in a cocoon of pure love and devotion. On the flip side, sometimes you are just really hot for each other and can’t get your clothes off fast enough. There is nothing wrong with some unbridled lust where you talk dirty to each other in the heat of the moment. If you enter the bedroom without thinking about the end game then you may discover just how fulfilling it is to touch each other and watch your mate get excited. When you actually do join then it can be explosive.

How much time do you really spend together just talking or listening to music? In order to have your needs met you have to WANT to be with your mate. You NEED to be with them. Today’s society calls this being too needy or too clingy but if you are a loving and giving couple then you’ll find the balance of sharing your lives together without leaving each other depleted. Love is about filling each other up. If one person holds back and is unwilling to give enough to meet your needs then you have a problem. That person has to change or you need to find another who will.

Unhappiness leads to poor health, undue stress, depression and the worst kind of misery. Relationships can be saved only if both parties are extremely willing to give of each other trusting that all the love they pour into their mate will be returned. If you cannot work this through then you’ll probably have to cut them loose. Somewhere in the world, there is a right mate for you. Sometimes they need a little cultivation, some encouragement to open up to true love. Look for someone that adores the opposite sex such as a man that believes women are God’s gift to men or a woman who worshiped her father…as a loving man, not a sugar daddy.

I’m here to tell you that it is possible to be extremely happy but it does require the right person that is willing to share the joy of being together….full on…no holds barred….laughing and loving your way through life.