Love and Happiness for Better Health

We live in a society where too many people are on medication for depression or turn to illegal drugs looking for the happiness that is missing in their lives. All they really need is to be in love with their mate and have their love returned. Experts tell us that in a relationship one person is able to give more love than the other. Really? Maybe the love is equal but one person doesn’t express it in the same way as the other. This leads to misunderstandings, poor communication and ultimately an unhappy marriage. Couples MUST be open and honest with each other even at the risk of hurting their mate’s feelings. But always be kind and diplomatic!


Why are you carrying around so much extra fat? It’s because you are unhappy so you turn to food. You learn to crave food as a poor substitute for the love you crave. Unfortunately, the more you eat, the more you crave and the fatter you get. This doesn’t have to be your life. You don’t have to join a gym or exercise for hours a day. Simply get rid of all the processed junk food and sweets in your house and adopt a raw diet. The beauty of it is that you don’t have to know how to cook and there aren’t any pots and pans to wash! Learn to love salad (without bottled dressing) and load it up with raw vegetables. Try some coleslaw. Give up low quality fast food and prepare your meals at home. If you must eat out then order a salad with a side of guacamole for the dressing.

Why put the effort into being thin? Because you’ll have more energy, you’ll look healthy and your skin will glow. Do you want to date someone that looks sick? Of course not. Couples that have gotten fat together have poured their love into food instead of each other. It’s not too late to change your ways, fall into love again and while the pounds melt away so does the stress.


Are you fun to be with? Like to laugh a lot or do you take yourself too seriously? Humans are strange creatures mostly because of the environment they grew up in. We all crave affection and want to be touched whether we admit it to ourselves or not. Some people call it being clingy but is that really a bad thing? Spouses should cling to one another as a defense from the outer intrusive world that seeks to demand our attention through careers and the media. Take a good hard look at yourself and the life you have created and decide what is really important. If you are single you’ll have a difficult time attracting the right person unless you are willing to invest time and energy in him or her. Don’t settle for a mate that is not willing to give of themselves wholly and completely. If you were fortunate enough to have parents that loved you unconditionally then you know how that feels and apply that same higher love to your mate.


Today it’s not uncommon for men and women to have been married and divorced multiple times. The search for finding true love and not finding it leaves scars…some visible…some are much deeper. In the dating world it’s commonly known as “baggage” and you can’t help but drag some around. The problem is that people become so attached to their past failures that they can’t let go of them. The easiest way to drop the past is to replace it with the future. It requires tricking (rewiring) your brain into believing that what you really want has already manifested itself. The brain responds to repetition and creates patterns and associations for more efficient recall. Replace the old pattern with a new one! Watch your habits very closely and pay attention to the things you do automatically without thinking. Switch it up! Once you become truly happy with yourself and the new you then the person that is your other half will appear….like magic.