Public Display of Affection

What ever happened to the public display of affection (PDA)? Forty years ago you’d see young couples kissing in public, walking arm in arm or at the very least they would be holding hands. Love is an inspiring thing to witness and the world needs more of it. A lot more!

We are homebodies but we do venture out of the house for supplies. While we’re standing in line at the checkout we are hugging and kissing rather than staring off into space like everyone else. We do it because we are always showering each other with affection so it’s only natural to keep on kissing even in public. I’m not talking about making out but playful kissing, holding hands and patting each other on the butt. Try it! It’s fun!

Once you get into the groove of intimacy then you’ll soon realize that this simple act of touching each other brings your relationship closer on many other levels. Emotional and physical connection (and ultimately spiritual) are necessary components for true happiness…the kind that puts a spring in your step and a smile on your face.

Don’t just be a good wife or husband but learn to be an awesome lover and don’t be afraid to display some affection in public that lets your mate know that you desire them always….in and out of the bedroom.