Sex and the Goddess

Being a goddess isn’t the same thing as being a princess. Goddesses were considered to be sacred and the act of plunging one’s manhood into a goddess was a spiritual act in addition to pure pleasure. She could take you places you’d never been before, into the higher realms. Heavenly!

Today’s goddess realizes she possesses such power but never abuses it. Her mate treats her like she is a precious gift from the gods and every time he enters her becomes more at one with her. Sex can be a great stress reliever but it can also be a natural high from the chemical reactions that occur in the brain. This is how making love can improve your health and lower stress levels. You might eat healthy but if you’re not experiencing close intimacy with your mate then you aren’t living a stress free life.

The media has ruined intimacy for many couples, reducing it to just sex through advertising and pornography which is a disservice to humanity. We are all sexual beings and desire a closeness and oneness with a life partner that understands us and is attentive to our needs.

The sexual positions don’t need to be exotic…just whatever works to obtain the right fit. There are a lot of variations in male and female genitalia but generally the missionary position works best for joining. Experiment with the woman on top if she’s not getting the right stimulation.

Another part of the excitement is watching the act of thrusting. If your room is very dark consider using a night light to provide a soft light so both of you can see his wonderful maleness thrusting into a wet and willing vagina. It’s very erotic!

Intense orgasms can be achieved when they occur simultaneously with the one you love. It is a spiritual experience beyond measure but be aware that it rarely happens unless both of you are willing to practice. This is the best “homework” ever and loads of fun!