Sixty Nine – Double Your Pleasure – Double Your Fun

Sixty nine is an oral sex act where the woman performs fellatio on her man and he performs cunnilingus on her at the same time. It is a beautiful way to make love because both lovers are pleasured at the same time rather than having to wait their turn. Oral sex is just another expression from two lovers that are open to giving and sharing their all with each other. There is nothing dirty about it unless your partner doesn’t bathe regularly!

We live in a society where we are bombarded with sex through advertising but it is disconnected from love as is pornography. It is meant to titillate, to arouse the audience but natural sex is a physical extension of an emotional bond between the couple. It is a natural high that can’t be obtained with any legal or illegal drug.

Don’t be shy with your lover. Allow your body to be explored, cherished and ravished for the beautiful work of art that it is. Sixty nine can also be achieved when the couples are laying on their sides or with the man or woman on top as shown in the sketch.

69 lovemaking

Take your time with this form of lovemaking. It is highly erotic and is so pleasurable that you and your partner won’t want to stop until he can no longer hold the ejaculate. Remember that you can always take a break and then begin again depending on the man’s capability to maintain an erection.