The Art of Fellatio

Ladies, are you shy about going down on your man? Get over it! Not only does it bring pleasure to him, it can be a turn on for you too. However, there are some basic rules to make the art of fellatio enjoyable for you to perform.


A freshly showered, clean erect penis is an erotic sight to behold. One that reeks of urine with sweaty testicles is not. If your man doesn’t keep himself clean then he will not be receiving your oral gift unless you are willing to tolerate some unpleasant odor and taste. So, he gets out of the shower and has to pee. Keep a washcloth handy in the bathroom so he can give himself a quick once over. This goes for you ladies too if you expect the oral favor to be returned.


I assume you are already gently squeezing his lemon and the same holds true when using your mouth. Don’t scrape with your teeth. Ouch! Start with the head of his penis and circle it with your tongue before closing your lips over it. Spend a minute or two then work your mouth down the shaft SLOWLY in an up and down motion. Vary the speed and intensity up and down the shaft and then back up to sucking on just the head. All the nerve endings are in the first one and a half inches so this is where he’ll get the most pleasure.

Don’t worry about gagging. Your mouth isn’t deep enough to take it all in unless you are Linda Lovelace from “Deep Throat.” Only take in as much as you are comfortable with and don’t allow him to push your head down farther. This is your treat to him and you can gauge how much pleasure he’s deriving from it by his reaction. Expect to spend about 5 minutes practicing this art or less if your man is overly sensitive. When you really get into bestowing this gift on him then you can go longer until your mouth gets tired or he just can’t stand it anymore.


An excited man will emit a small amount of juice similar to the wetness you experience when you get aroused. Women are mainly concerned with the inability of the man to hold back his ejaculate. You really don’t want a mouthful of fluid unless you’re into that sort of thing. You should make it clear that you are unwilling to be creamed this way and that he should pull your head away or tell you before the release.


While you’re down there gently massage the small space between his testicles and anus. This is why cleanliness is so important! When you have both hands free while your mouth is engaged place them under his buttocks and spread them slightly apart. Placing your hands under his buttocks also allows you to control the rhythm of the thrust that is his natural reaction when he becomes excited.

Fellatio isn’t meant to replace intercourse but as a compliment to what is considered “normal” lovemaking. Once you bring him to the brink of an orgasm then you’ll be quite excited yourself and desire him to enter you for the finale. Remember that you are giving him a gift of pleasure and it’s up to you to decide how often you’re going to give it. He may ask for it and if you’re in the mood for it, fine, but a man that expects fellatio every single time had better be quite skilled in the art of cunnilingus. Oral sex is an appetizer that can be a heavenly dessert.