The Right Fit

There are many aspects to the right fit. It’s how your mate fits into your life. Do you spend as much time as you can together or are you too busy working on separate projects? You have to fit into each other’s life in a big way or eventually one of you will probably wander off, looking for the intimacy that all humans crave with each other. As an example, we share a home office with our computers set up just a few feet apart. We may be working hard, tapping away at our keyboards but we also engage in kissing. We might take a break, sip some wine and talk about our projects after we’ve been working in silence.

There’s the old saying that “opposites attract” and some part of this is true but men and women should not be diametrically opposed to each other. Both genders have masculine and feminine sides and should remember this as a way to communicate better. A man with a tender heart will gravitate towards a nurturing woman rather than a cold-hearted bitch. A strong minded woman will butt heads with a man that is too strong himself to appreciate her strengths. It’s all about balance and the strengths and weaknesses each person brings to the table must keep that table firmly on the floor and level. It might wobble for a short time but always bring it back into balance. Who are your best friends? People that are like you or someone you have nothing in common with?

The physical part of the right fit can be more challenging. Some couples fit well together naturally with the right length and diameter of his penis that reaches her clitoris easily. Size does matter but only in relation to one another. Women that have lost some of their tightness can do Kegel exercises to bring it back to it’s original size simply by squeezing. If you don’t have a natural fit then you’ll have to practice, practice, practice to find her happy place. This can be awkward at first but keep communication open and don’t be shy. Remember, that getting your needs met is an important part of the relationship.

One other consideration…..if you and your mate are seriously overweight or obese it will be more challenging to find the right physical fit if there is too much fat in the way overshadowing the nether regions. Try losing that extra weight by switching to a raw diet and become better lovers!